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Fused Clapton Coils For Your RDA, RDTA, RTA (price includes 2 coils or a set)

  • $10.99

Fused Claptons

A Fused Clapton coil is a vape wire consisting of two core of wires tightly wrapped

by, a thinner gauge wire. Creating small spaces for E-Liquid to settle and once

warmed the extra surface area aids in greater flavor production

These coils are Blue Vapes Top choice for flavor longevity and cost effectiveness.

What are Custom Coils?

They’re what make the vapor!

As opposed to using factory pre-made coils and a traditional tank style

atomizer, custom coils in a rebuildable dripping atomizer will produce better flavor.

Using custom coils also allows for more control in temperature and density

(size of cloud) of the vapor produced by your e-cigarette.

We’ll help you get yours dialed in just the way you like them.

Coils with a lower resistance:

·       Higher vapor temperature

·       More aggressive vapor production for bigger and denser clouds

·       Higher wattage less battery life

Coils with a higher resistance:

·       Lower vapor temperature

·       Less aggressive vapor production for a more gentle vaping experience

·       Lower wattage longer battery life


Why Blue Coils?


We enjoy vaping. We’ve made it a bit of a hobby.

We build custom coils because we prefer them. We think you’ll

prefer them too.

Custom coils make it simple to change flavors.

Just pull the old cotton out of the center of the coil and put new cotton in

and away you go!

When your custom coils get tasting burnt and gross, no need to replace them.

Take the cotton out and give ‘em a scrub with a toothbrush. Then put new cotton in.

We’ll do it for you if you come by.

You can also find video how-to’s on our website. Or on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBPsrVMhEivaYVW1fFyyjcQ

All Resistances are approximate. Different Ohm readers and atomizers will have different internal resistance figures that may change the end result. Please reference ohm's law and your battery limitations before installing your coils. Or contact us for consultation. 

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